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Faces of the flood



More than 6,000 homes have been affected by floods in the UK this winter. Thousands of people have suffered. Hundreds of people are helping those in need. Faces of the Flood is a project showing the incredible effort and solidarity among those tackling the difficulties in the Somerset Levels. 

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FLAG volunteers Aaron and Jay transport a trapped Environment Agency van over the flood waters on a floating pontoon.

Rob from Pump Supplies has been working 14 hour days getting the pipes in place to help drain the floodwaters. 

James, a farmer from the Mendips, helps move donated hay bales for the relocated livestock. 

Jack, from neighbouring Martock, drives machinery in Burrowbridge to help strengthen river banks. 

A Moorland villager clears debris in his front garden.

Chaz wades through water directing an amphibious vehicle that is delivering sandbags. 

Tina works alongside her mother and friends to aid those who are flooded in Moorland.

Jim, the landlord of the King Alfred Inn in Burrowbridge, organises food donations for the flood victims. 

Dan from FLAG campaigns for dredging of the waterways in the Somerset Levels.

A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organisation from South London wheels wood-chip.

A soldier from 39 Engineer Regiment helps move wood chip in Burrowbridge. 

Jo helps those flooded by strengthening the river banks with wood-chip. 

Boris helps move donated hay bales for relocated livestock.

Dave widens a waterway to move floodwaters towards the pumps.